A Sauvignon Blanc Summer

A Sauvignon Blanc Summer

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Hot summer days require refreshing yet complex white wines like Sauvignon Blanc to enjoy by the pool or as an accompaniment to your favorite salads and grilled fish. Increase your appreciation of Napa Valley's second most planted white variety from a spirited and fun discussion with four Napa Valley winemakers led by Aidy Smith of Amazon Prime's The Three Drinkers.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify common Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc aromas
  • Speak to the different Sauvignon Blanc styles found throughout Napa Valley.


Aidy Smith, Wine Personality

Aidy Smith,
Wine Personality


Stacy Vogel, Miner Family Winery

Stacy Vogel,
Miner Family Winery

Sara Fowler, Peju Winery

Sara Fowler,

Karen Cakebread, ZIATA

Karen Cakebread,

Suzanne Phifer Pavitt, Phifer Pavitt Winery

Suzanne Phifer Pavitt,
Phifer Pavitt Winery

Raj Patel, Patel Wines

Raj Patel,
Patel Wines

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