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Shoveling the Tank: A Talk with Harvest Interns

Shoveling the Tank: A Talk with Harvest Interns

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Every vintage tells a story! Join us to listen to the story of the 2021 vintage as told by three harvest interns who are among the first to taste and touch the fruits of this year's harvest. Sommelier Femi Oyediran of Charleston's Graft Wine Shop & Bar will explore first impressions of year's wines with interns working under three of Napa Valley's top winemakers: Evyn Cameron, winemaker at Crocker&Starr Wines, Chris Phelps, associate winemaker at Inglenook, and Steve Matthiasson, winemaker at Matthiasson Wines.

Napa Valley’s storied past in winemaking craftsmanship spans more than 150 years. With each year comes a new set of circumstances that shape the story of the vintage. No matter the year or the circumstances, Napa Valley winemakers' commitment to excellence is unwavering.  

This year’s harvest story has been one of balance with farmers and vines adapting to drought conditions. The lack of rainfall created perfect balance of vine canopy and crop load creating intensely flavored, small size berries. The 2021 vintage is expected to produce wines of great depth, complexity and character, and winemakers are excited about what they are tasting.

Although the vintage is a reflection of an entire year’s worth of work, the most exciting time of year is the harvest season. To keep up with this year’s harvest, join us for this exciting session and also tune in to


Femi Oyediran, Co-Owner/Sommelier, Graft Wine Shop

Femi Oyediran,
Co-Owner/Sommelier, Graft Wine Shop


Gabriela Lifsher, Crocker&Starr Wines

Gabriela Lifsher,
Crocker&Starr Wines

Lena Wellington, Inglenook

Lena Wellington,

Imane Hanine, Matthiasson

Imane Hanine,

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