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Sustainability: The Real Substance

Sustainability: The Real Substance

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Sustainability is sometimes dismissed as lacking teeth and primarily serving as a marketing tool. We'll discuss the rigor and substance behind Napa Green and other sustainability certifications, and why it is essential that conscientious businesses communicate with employees, customers and guests about how and what sustainability really is. Certified sustainable wineries and businesses are committed to continuing improvement in caring for the health of nature and the health of employees and community, which enhances the health and longevity of the businesses themselves. Join us to explore how three wineries put their bold sustainability words into action.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn about how and why sustainability goes well beyond marketing
  • Explore concrete examples of how wineries are changing their operations
  • Explore intersection of sustainability and quality both of the work environment and the wine itself


Sandra Taylor, President and CEO, Sustainable Business International

Sandra Taylor,
President and CEO, Sustainable Business International


Tod Mostero, Dominus Estate

Tod Mostero,
Dominus Estate

Alison Rodriguez, The Hess Collection

Alison Rodriguez,
The Hess Collection

Chris Pasani, ZD Wines

Chris Pasani,
ZD Wines

Anna Brittain, Napa Green

Anna Brittain,
Napa Green

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