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Understanding Napa Valley's American Viticultural Areas

Understanding Napa Valley's American Viticultural Areas

Napa Valley Library Wine Auction

Napa Valley Library Wine Auction

From January 24 to February 5, bid on over 100 Napa Valley library wine lots direct from the winery cellar to yours.

Collective Napa Valley

Collective Napa Valley Wine Auction

Coming together to do good while sharing in the pleasure of wine, that is Collective Napa Valley. We invite the world to become part of our vibrant new community.

Premiere Napa Valley

Premiere Napa Valley

Premiere Napa Valley is Napa's most exclusive wine auction. Registration for both the in-person and virtual events opens January 18, 2022.

Join this session to take a tour of Napa Valley's diverse viticultural subregions. This webinar is specifically designed for importers, agents and their sales teams.

Napa Valley is one of the most diverse wine regions in the world, the product a complex geologic history giving it one half of the world's soil orders and 33 unique soil series. The region also has diverse climate zones depending on a vineyard's proximity to water, altitude and aspect to the sun. Because of this incredible diversity, the region has been divided into 16 subregions -- better known as American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) -- each with a unique soils, climate and dominant grapes and wine styles. In this session, we'll break through the complexity to help you understand what you can expect from wines from different part of the Napa Valley.

This session is in support of the Hopwine Virtual Trade fair happening now where you can meet nearly two dozen wineries looking to expand their representation around the world. See link to the left.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Gain a top line perspective on the Napa Valley
  • Understand the diverse nature of Napa Valley's terroir
  • Learn about typical styles being produced in different parts of the valley
  • Hone your skills to help you sell more Napa Valley wines


Jacky Blisson, Master of Wine

Jacky Blisson,
Master of Wine


Keith Emerson, Robert Craig Winery

Keith Emerson,
Robert Craig Winery

Jon Emerich, Silverado Vineyards

Jon Emerich,
Silverado Vineyards

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